Feather Flickers offers a broad base of cleaning services to both domestic and clients. These services include regular, one-off, communal area, end of tenancy, builder and after party cleaning along with an ironing and carpet, rug and upholstery service.
We believe price to be one of the competitive advantages as our nearest rivals following a recent study were on average 27% more expensive.

Our main asset is our staff who do a fabulous job each day in helping us look after the few hundred clients that we clean for, whom without,all would not be possible.

Feather Flickers has an enviable reputation for building lasting relationships and partnerships with clients through open, transparent relationships based on trust and exceptional performance.

Our strategy is simple – we have a clear ambition – we want Feather Flickers to be the best and most successful in the area. This success will be good for our customers, good for the business and good for the people that work with us. What is wrong with that?


All Hands On Deck

The company employs nearly 70 employees, all of whom do a fabulous job each day, most being long-serving members of the team