Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Single Bedroom – £25
Double Bedroom – £30
Living / Dining / Lounge – £30
Through Lounge – £45
Bathrooms – £12
Stairs (per step) – £2
Landings – £10
Hallway Regular / Large – £15/£25
Toilets – £8
Toilet & Bathroom – £20
Commercial carpet cleaning
(per sq. metre) – £1.80
Fabric 2 seater sofa – £38
Fabric 3 seater sofa – £48
Fabric 4/5 seater sofa – £58
Fabric 6 seater sofa – £68
Rugs (up to 6′ x 4′) – £18
Rugs (up to 8′ x 6′) – £25

All prices shown are the total you will pay. All prices exclude VAT. A minimum charge of £50 applies.

Prices quoted over the phone are estimated based on information supplied.

For existing customers who have an account with us a re-arrangement fee maybe charged if you have to move the original service date to a new date prior to the agreed scheduled cleaning day.

For new customers who do not have an account with us – once the service has been pre-paid if the customers wishes to cancel a refund cannot be given but instead another convenient date will be offered to the customer and the works subsequently re-scheduled.

Only one re-scheduled date can be offered free of charge. Please see our Terms & Conditions and FAQ section.

All rooms and areas must be cleared prior to our staff arriving. This will help us to help you to keep the cost down.

We cannot be responsible for failing to remove old permanent stains that cannot be removed using normal carpet/upholstery cleaning techniques.

We also cannot be responsible for discolouring of carpets / fabrics / upholstery that become more visible once soil has been removed.

To achieve the best results we require access to very HOT water and electrical power from the premises where the work is being undertaken.

Complete Care for Carpets
and Upholstery

We take care in choosing what professional products we offer our clients. Our aim is to use the most highly effective carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning treatments available that are safe and environmentally friendly. We have therefore chosen Prochem as our main supplier. Their cleaning products are developed in-house to meet strict performance, safety, quality and environmental criteria.

Our cleaners carry a number of their cleaning products including pre treatments, carpet extraction, carpet detergents, carpet rinse agents, carpet deodorisers and carpet odour neutralisers. Stains of every kind, tea, coffee, red wine, fruit juice, make up, food, pets, blood, soil, etc will be treated with our spot cleaners.

Our machines have the power to pull out even deeply embedded dirt

We make sure our carpet cleaners are equipped with the state-of-the-art carpet cleaning machines that give the best clean possible. We have therefore chosen to equip our cleaners with the Rug Doctor WT-C2 Q DRY Carpet and Upholstery cleaning machines. These professional cleaning machines provide unequalled cleaning result that can remove heavy soiling and dirt from deep within the carpet pile.


Learn more about the carpet cleaning materials we use

Prochem chemicals have a worldwide reputation for outstanding performance in the professional, commercial and institutional cleaning sectors. Specialist products cover a whole range of requirements for carpets, fabrics, floors and surface cleaning technologies and maintenance. Formulations are developed in-house to meet strict performance, safety, quality and environmental criteria. Prochem Europe chemicals are available from a network of selected distributors offering local supply, advice and training.

Prochem Europe chemical products are constantly assessed for user safety and environmental impact. Raw materials comply with the requirements of the Regulation, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Regulations, as amended. Surfactants comply with the biodegradability requirements of the European Detergent Directive 648/2004. Active ingredients of biocidal products comply with the requirements of the Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) 98/8/EC.

Visit the Prochem web site for more details.

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